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Monday, 14 October 2013

Experience the Spiritual Extravaganza with Flights to Kathmandu

What could have been more amazing than experiencing the valleys of Nepal and at the same time spending some soothing time with beloveds and living a few days in serene environment of Kathmandu? There is no better place to find the perfect combination of both aspects in Indian continent to witness the entire range of adventure, fun and purity than visiting this holy city with cheap flights to Kathmandu from London UK. The astounding aura and magnificent sightseeing is a perfect ratio to be experienced in this city.
Cheap flights to Kathmandu from London UK

Check out the thriving range of spiritual sites and tourist hotspots of this city that are just optimum to be experienced with family and friends as well as understand the simple and sober lifestyle of Nepalese.

Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu with Cheap Flights

Bodhnath Stupa
Visit in Kathmandu with Cheap Flights

One of the  most fascinating site and the highly recommended place in this city where you can go and check as well as experience the belief of pilgrims over the spiritual connection from here with the almighty god. The place is really beautiful and remains crowded throughout the year. The entry fee is really moderate and is affordable and you must require a guide to learn some detailed information about this place. Tons of people from around the world including Europe loves to visit here to Explore with Kathmandu flights and do some volunteer work in the service of monks. Surroundings of this place are something that will surely give you a pure and soothing feeling of being connected.

Places to Visit in Kathmandu with Cheap Flights

If you are looking for some mountaineering experience and adventure, this is the place where you must visit and have the most exquisite and thrilling time in indulging the nicest and adventurous activity available. At Narshing Chowk, this place is certainly a heavenly delight for adventure hunters to go for paragliding and many other activities. The price to experience such activities is quite moderate and the equipments and other things used here are latest and safest.

Pashupati Nath Temple
Explore with Kathmandu flights

Among the highly famous and crowded religious site and purely serene place for pilgrims to get in touch with Lord Shiva and to impress them with some offerings and by performing various rituals. Though entering in the main temple is prohibited for every non-Hindu person but the surroundings and other parts of the temple are open for everyone and you can find plenty of space to explore in and around the temple. Check out the various banks (ghats) getting through the canals. Learn about various religious tales about this temple from your guide that will give you plenty of morals as well as some deep info about Hindu mythology.

Garden of Dreams
Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu

This is a fabulous garden created in the typical European style with some nice and gentle range of floras giving a panoramic effect as well as a soothing aura to the visitors. The place is highly visited by the tourists and is a romantic place to rejuvenate the old times with beloved. At Thamel, you will find this gigantic park filled with all kinds of colors in terms of flowers and giving peace to the eyes and soul, at the same time a platform the botany lovers to research on the vast collection and breeds of flowers and trees used in various fields including medical, chemistry and interior designing.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Experience Different Colors of Happiness at Various Islands with Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia, one of the most mesmerizing, famous, fascinating and lucrative holiday destination of South East Asia, boast of a tremendous range of adventure and excitement where every European can escape on a family holiday and enjoy the marvelous beach fun and discover the diversity of culture and hospitality. Enjoy the fantastic wealth of natural landscapes from magnificent mountains to exotic beaches and lavishing islands with Best Malaysia Holidays from London UK.

Check out the bounty of incredible islands and beaches in and around Malaysia that are quite enthralling itself to Explore in Malaysia with Holiday Packages.

Spellbinding Islands in Malaysia for Superlative Beach Holidays


This is a nice and spellbinding island which is easily accessible from Singapore with a few hours of ferry to explore the marvelous range of heavenly beaches and breathtaking isle. The astounding wealth of scenic landscapes and beautiful coast is something that can steal your heart away instantly. The prime feature that is quite famous and best to explore with holiday deals for Malaysia is the snorkeling and swimming in deep, shallow and warm water to discover the thriving and captivating range of fishes and floras found in and around Malaysia. The natural rock formations and fantastic long stretch of beaches are the most blissful attraction of this place that will give you the most nostalgic escape ever.

Beras Basah Island

What will be more likely than a small low crowded and calm island for some soothing time to spend with family and friends and living up your dream by indulging in handful adventurous activities? This Beras Basah Island at Lengkawi is an optimum place to visit with friends and family to live right next to the serene ocean and enjoy the most fabulous stretch of white sand on the shores of refreshing, shallow, clean and warm sea. The number of places around the island for snorkeling is the heavenly options to dive in the depth of the heart of ocean and discover the finest and magical range of floras and faunas at their natural habitat, living happily.

Perhentian Islands

An enchanting collection of isles at Terengganu is Perhentian islands where you will find this amazing range of group of islands, giving a perfect panoramic holiday stay over to enjoy striking beach holidays with friends and family. The attractive range of beaches and places to go for scuba diving are miraculously amazing. The area is quite famous for budget family holidays at beaches of Malaysia and has an unusual beauty to find at this part of the world. The shallow turquoise blue water with wide stretch of dive able area is really a delight to have on Malaysia Holidays.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is the only marine island of Malaysia which is a perfect pit stop for every holidaymaker from UK to explore the wide range of underwater creatures and learn the best and safest way of snorkeling while discovering untouched and fascinating sites all around. The coast of this island is really rich from varieties of fishes and heavenly places. The sunset and sunrise from here is the best delight to experience.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Experience the Enticing Culture of Southern Australia Beach Holidays in Adelaide

Adelaide, the Capital town of Southern Australia one of the largest metropolis in Australian Continent that is among the finest holiday destination in this part of the world for an amazing and magnificent beach holidays with friends and family and good to Explore Adelaide and its culture with Holiday Packages. The fascinating range of sights and captivating beaches in Adelaide, gives it an edge from other holiday destinations in Australia.

Check out the marvelous range of beaches in this city that has allured tons of UK based holidaymakers every year to escape on Best Adelaide Holidays from London UK. Explore the vast range of beaches and have a peep into the magnificent natural bliss in Adelaide.

Astounding Beaches to Explore with Holiday Deals for Adelaide

Aldinga Beach

The marvelous and the hot favorite beach of the city is Aldinga Beach where you will find the most spellbinding and captivating beauty of Adelaide. The beach is the closest beach in Adelaide from the city center and is the most thriving place to spend all day or all night having parting with friends and family. The wonderful coastline view from the beach is really amazing and you will have a nice time admiring the stupendous sunset from here.

Partying at this beach is the best fun to experience on Beach holidays in Adelaide that will give you the spectacular pleasure of living life like Australian Style with friends and family with the exact same zeal and adventure, for which, Australia is globally renowned.

Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach is the hot favorite beach in the city for the adventure lovers, who are addicted to various water sports and thrilling activities like surfing, snorkeling and swimming on wild and adventurous waves. The beach is quite famous for its amazing activities organizers who are professional and are best in the town for brilliant adventurous trips and tours. Try out sailing, canoeing, surfing and snorkeling here that will surely surprise you with the level of adventure and thrill.

Henley Beach

For romantic nights and some nice scenic view of both the coastline and the skyline of Adelaide, this Henley Beach is optimum site to spend a nice walk with the beloved. The charm and charisma of this beach is really overwhelming and gives a bewitching aura of some precious and romantic time. Spend a nice evening walk with the beloved, admiring the colorful sky and the magical sunset and get refreshed along with rejuvenating your romantic and dreamy life.

West Beach

Not so famous but an incredible beach at the western most end of the city where you will find the untouched and unspoiled nature that has the blissful beauty of its own along with a residency of local fishermen that goes to earn their bread and butter, sailing across the coast and catch the delicious fishes. The beach is really amazing and you will find a peaceful environment away from the chaotic streets and hustling roads of Adelaide.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gambling in Las Vegas – The Most Heavenly Delight on Earth

The most heavenly and thriving city of the world and the hot favorite escape point for every bachelor or friends group to catch up with infinite fun and adventure, Las Vegas is surely one of the finest places to spend holidays in the world. The marvelous everlasting 24x7 fun to Experience on Las Vegas Holidays is really a delight itself and gives a perfect platform to holidaymakers for spending the most zealous and thrilling holidays ever.

Go on the Best Las Vegas Holidays from London UK and Explore Las Vegas with Holiday Packages available at the best travel agency in London and take the pleasure of ultimate level of gambling and try out your luck, and who knows! You may become a millionaire in one night.

Best Hotel and Casinos in Las Vegas for Finest Session of Gambling

Casino at Bellagio

The most prominent and hot favorite hotel in Las Vegas, Bellagio is surely a best place to go for gambling and try out your luck. The place is quite dazzling and has every possible gambling machine and table you can find in the world for some decent gambling. Take a table and try out your luck while having nice sips of delicious cocktails and smooth spirits. The hotel is also quite amazing to have a nice peep into the magnificent services or you just can spend all night long trying out your luck.

Margaritaville Casino

This casino is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas that has an astounding range of gambling tables and machines that are not much expensive and are good to go. The crowd visits here is also quite gentle and you can thoroughly enjoy your time here, gambling with them and making friends.  The fascinating range of drinks and the interior along with the services is quite exquisite and you will love to visit here again and again on your Las Vegas Holidays.

Casino at the Venetian

This is the most happening and marvelously constructed hotel in Las Vegas, best known for its superb interior and captivating designs that are quite impressive and attractive. The place is also quite famous for gambling and has a splendid casino inside its arena which has tons of tables and machines to test out your luck. Fascinating games and flattering services are the specialties that you will notice as you step in the hotel.

Mermaid’s Casino

The gambling hub and one of the most crowded casinos in Las Vegas, Mermaid’s Casino is surely a heaven for gamblers or for the people who are looking to test their gambling and bluffing skills for the first time. The enchanting crowd and pimp style interior is something that will flash you with its dazzling and sparkling beauty. Services here are pretty quick along with magnificent range of drinks and cocktails at the cheapest possible price.

Wynn Las Vegas

The most thriving hotel and appealing casino in entire Las Vegas, Wynn is certainly a center for the holidaymakers to spend a nice and charming holiday with friends to test out the gambling skills and sheer luck. The hotel is quite charming itself and has plethora of tables and machines to play cards, poker and many more gambling games. The services are really superb and the luxury provided to the guest is indeed spellbinding. It is better to save some money to avail the excellent services and amenities which can be done by booking holiday deals for Las Vegas at cheapest price.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Top 8 Free Things to Do in Singapore- the Lion Capital

Singapore is known to be an expensive city but do you know that there are lots of things which can do for free so, grab the latest offer for last minute flights to Singapore.

With some smart trip planning you can see the best things in Singapore for free. Here are some things to do in Singapore without paying a cent.

1.      Get a Glimpse of History in Chinatown

The ethic enclave of early Chinese settlers- Chinatown still remains a hot favorite among Singaporeans and tourists. This place is known for cheap eats and interesting buys. It is also known as “Bullock Cart Water”. Chinatown is still touristic but maintains a strong sense of history and vitality.

2.      Visit Little India

When you walk down the crowded Serangoon Road, you almost feel that you have been transported to India. The place is full of scents of spices, flowers and oils. Little India is also filled with little shops that sell everything that you can imagine of and it is truly a journey of senses so book cheap flights to Singapore from London.

3.      Explore Arab Quarters

Arab Quarters is a laid back district which was has become the traditional home of Singapore’s Sultan and the trading center for Arabs. It is also known as Kampong Glam which is famous for traditional Arabic wares, fabrics as well as burgeoning Indie arts and fashionable stuffs on Singapore trip.

4.      Know the History at Civic District

If you are fascinated to know about the colonial heritage of Singapore then there is no other better place to explore this than the downtown civic district. Here you can visit the grand colonial structures like Raffles Hotel, Asian civilization museum, City Hall and the Arts House which the former Parliament House and know about their stories. 

5.      Witness the Energetic Life in Bugis

Bugis is a part of Singapore which is known for its eclectic character and charm. It was once a notorious red light district which is known for its transvestites. Today it’s a hip shopping hub with malls, street bazaars and eating hangouts. It is also a home to popular temple, the national library and cultural arts places like the calligraphy center so book Singapore flights from London Heathrow.

6.      Temples Hopping

This is must if you are planning to visit some historic places like the Thian Hock Kheng Temple at Telok Ayer, Sri Mariammam Temple at Chinatown and the Sultan Mosque at Kampong Glam. You will be struck by its beautiful and exquisite craftsmanship that have turned these buildings into landmarks.

7.      Take a Stroll along the Singapore River

The Singapore River was the central artery of early Singapore. Here you can trace the roots of Singapore past by taking a lovely stroll along the river starting from Raffles Place and ending up at Clarke Quay that enjoy a demarcation between the old shop houses and soaring skyscrapers.

8.      Fortune Telling Session

Enjoy a fortune telling session at the famous Kwan Im Thing Hood Cho Temple which represents the Chinese Goddess of Mercy Temple in the Waterloo Street. You can shake the divine stick and get a slip for your answer which is also translated in English while holidaying in Singapore.
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